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  • RE: Extinction
    That's a post I did not expected here :O Nevertheless I will see once I have some spare time to work on the Ark Survival Evolved tool. First priority project is Dregora at the moment.
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    Hail the offtopic king i guess ;)
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  • Creating & Following a OTG Tutorial - Read First
    ## Hello Minecrafters, This category is all about tutorials for OTG and offers a collection of these found around the entire web on places like [The Official OpenTerrainGenerator Wiki]( We highly encourage the use of this wiki over the use of the forums. Once it has been created on the wiki we can upload the tutorial to this forum with the tutorial author credits included. If you have written a new tutorial please reply to this topic with the link to the tutorial page included. We, the moderators and admins are subscribed to this topic to notice and verify new submissions. Thanks a lot for helping out the community!
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  • About the OTG Forums
    The OTG Forums is a forum created for those in search for an alternative to reddit forums and encourage people to create their own assets and promote this in their very own topic, just like the old days. This will make it easier for everyone to track what everyone is up to. As for example, have you ever heard about The Amsterdam Preset where the entire world is a big city? Well, neither have I but no matter how tiny the chance is someone said this on the [OTG discord]( it may just have been created by someone none of us know. So, enjoy your stay and keep on sharing what you learn, would like to know or plan to do!
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  • Installing OTG
    OTG can be installed on both servers (Spigot and Forge) as well as in single player (Forge). For Spigot servers the client does not require Forge or OTG installed although some small features will not function properly (e.g. custom foliage/grass/sky colours & correct biome names in F3 menu). Below is an outline of the different methods of installation for the various platforms, be aware that without installing a world preset OTG will replace the overworld with an approximation of vanilla worldgen and the configs OTG driving that in mods(or plugins)/openterraingenerator/worlds.
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  • Installing Worlds Tutorial
    **Note:** Both servers and clients running OTG will require more memory than vanilla Minecraft. If you are experiencing long/endless world loading times or other performance issues it is recommended you increase Minecraft's allocated memory to 2gb+. # **Forge Single Player** 1. [Install OTG]( 2. Download the .jar for your desired world preset from the links above and put it in the /mods folder. 3. Select the world from the world creation menu in game. # **Forge Server** 1. [Install OTG]( 2. Download the .jar for your desired world preset at the [preset category]( and put it in the /mods folder. 3. Go to the file and change the following two settings (replacing with the name of the world preset - e.g. Biome Bundle): ``` level-type=OTG level-name= ``` **Note:** If you have already generated any chunks with vanilla or other world settings, delete the world folder of your main world to begin generating one with the correct level type. # **Spigot Server** 1. Watch the [Video Tutorial]( or Follow the instructions below. 2. [Install OTG]( 3. Run the server once to create the /plugins/OpenTerrainGenerator folder (delete the world afterwards). 4. Download the .jar for your desired world preset from the [preset category]( and open it with WinRaR or 7zip (Do not put the world preset .jar in the plugins folder) 5.Inside you will see the folder structure: \assets\worldpacker\ (where in place of you will have the name of the kind of world preset you downloaded (e.g Biome Bundle). Copy that folder to your server into \plugins\OpenTerrainGenerator\worlds so that your folder structure will look like this: ``` \plugins\OpenTerrainGenerator\worlds\Biome Bundle\ |-- WorldBiomes\.. |-- WorldObjects\.. |-- WorldConfig.ini ``` Now go to the file and ensure that level-name is set to the world you're using (for instance, "**Biome Bundle**" without the quotes). Add the following to your bukkit.yml to enable Open Terrain Generator and (for example) Biome Bundle for the default world (copy and paste this to get the correct leading spaces): ``` worlds: Biome Bundle: generator: OpenTerrainGenerator ``` In the above example Biome Bundle can be replaced with any other preset/world name matching any folder in the OpenTerrainGenerator/worlds folder. # **Manually installing a (non-jar) preset** If you have an existing Terrain Control preset or an OTG preset not in .jar format but instead consisting of a world directory containing its Worldconfig.ini and WorldObjects and WorldBiomes subfolders, follow the installation instructions above but instead of installing a .jar file, put your world preset folder into the /OpenTerrainGenerator/worlds folder. # **Generating a default 'vanilla worldgen' preset to edit** If no world preset is installed, when generating a world OTG will generate a set of configs that approximate 'vanilla' Minecraft world generation in the /OpenTerrainGenerator/worlds folder (found in either the /mods or /plugins folder depending on platform). **Note:** In Single Player (Forge) you can click the 'New' button to the right of 'Clone' in the world creation GUI to create a set of default configs without affecting any other installed presets.
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